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The ‘Hans Eisenmann Haus’ – a popular destination for weekend trips and nature excursions – obtains additional attractions and is rendered more user-friendly. The permanent exhibition is completely renewed and breathes a new spirit into the wooden building. The ambitious concept introduces a new ‘way to nature’.
Right next to the visitors’ center, a new ‘tree top walk’ has been constructed. The enormous wood-steel structure is unique for its size and offers a splendid view over the beautiful scenery of the Bavarian landscape. Both magnets - the new exhibition and the tree top walk - will drag even more people to the visitors’ center. The building has to fulfill the augmented expectations of a more demanding public.
In order to accommodate more space for the new exhibition, the gallery is enlarged, the flooring and railing are renewed and superfluous columns are taken out.

The existing library and the kids ‘adventure room’ are converted into a media center and cafeteria. The separating wall along the gallery is taken down, a new stair combines the two levels and replaces the flight escape at the exterior. The adjacent office is transformed into a kitchen and a new bar is being added.

A new panoramic window at the South West elevation facilitates a wonderful vista to the landscape. From the additional terrace, the guests can admire the most enjoyable sunsets.

The general spatial ambition is to achieve a warm, welcoming atmosphere and a maximum of light- and openness in the rather introverted building. The heavy wooden beams are painted white and contrasted with a light brown wall color and beige epoxy flooring. The shiny stainless steel counter is balanced with dark brown cladding and furniture. As main design element, the railing folds downwards along the staircase and relates the two levels. A golden ornament accentuates the ivory surface - its composition being inspired by the surrounding woods.

To compensate the loss of the ‘kids adventure room’ an extension is planned as a second phase. The new volume will mark the main entrance and serve as a balancing counterpart for the storage extension of the nineties. The ‘wood workshop’ will serve as a playfull classroom for the young visitors to paint, sculpt and create.

Team credits:
Caro Baumann, Johannes Schele, Marta Koziol, Daniel Delfin Goncalvez, Onur Atay, Bruno Pereira, Freddie Slot

Client: Staatliches Bauamt Passau
Norbert Sterl, Wolfgang Kinatheder, Erika Fiegler,
Franz Manzenberger, Josef Glaser

User: Nationalparkverwaltung NPV
Karl Friedrich Sinner, Stefan Viessmann, Andrea Schilz,
Patricia Stamm, Sabine Eisch

Local architect: Architekturbüro Maier, Grafenau, Thomas Maier
Structure: Ingenieurbüro Wolf, Grafenau, Alois Weber
MEP: Ingenieurbüro Rabenbauer, Passau, Thomas Rabenbauer
Electrical: Nigl + Mader, Passau, Thomas Mader
Kitchen: Winkler + Seidl, Hauzenberg, Erwin Seidl
Fireproofing: Brandschutzplan, München, Odette Splanemann


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