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Twelve years ago 'morePlatz' had realized the installation 'Siedlung' at the railway tracks of Munich's Central Station. Eight orange tents - each located at the head of abandoned cargo platforms - marked a dynamic space in the very city center just before the place got converted into a new bus terminal. The positive presence of the brightly illuminated tents related to the accelerated kinetics of the nineties when the digital revolution and the information and communication technologies had just started their global impact. The increasing individual mobility had launched a new form of urban nomadism, an interconnectivity of the 'kinetic elite' worldwide.

This spirit of the nineties had faded at the start of the new millennium and the double-dip of the 'zero' years and the current recession followed. In this radically altered situation the tent became a symbol for the protest of the so called '99%'. This year the projects 'SIEDLUNG' and 'MOBILE CITY' were rediscovered by the curating team 'non-fiction' who organized the summer program of the Netherlands Architectural Institute.
Thus the 'Siedlung' was moved to Rotterdam, to the NAI, where it confronts an additional aspect due to the current situation in the Netherlands: The architectural production of the country that had brought up the famous 'Super Dutch' generation has almost come to a complete standstill. In this relation the revival of the orange tents can be read as a positive and hopeful sign that the dynamics will come back. Therefore the installation 'Siedlung 2.0' features a new kinetic element - the gentle movement of the orange tents floating in the water basin of the NAI.

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